Off-campus Courses Held at Mahkwa Lodge at Lac Seul, northwestern Ontario

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

From May 10th to June 4th, 2018, three off-campus courses were held at Mahkwa Lodge, a fishing lodge at Lac Seul, Ontario. Jerry Fontaine taught ANIS 3007, a course on Treaties and the Treaty-making process. Pat Ningewance Nadeau taught OJIB 2906, an introduction to the Ojibwe language using immersion methods, and Tom Chisel taught ANIS 3906, an introduction to the medicinal plants of the region and their uses. Fifteen students altogether registered for the courses, some for all three courses. The students and faculty were housed in the catered side of the lodge. They learned how to harvest suckers from a stream and to smoke them on a rack. They went out on boats and learned about the flora and history of Lac Seul First Nation. They learned much vocabulary and language patterns in morning classes. In the afternoon, they took in lectures about treaty-making. In late May, when the plants were out, they went out to identify medicinal plants and their uses. The program was a huge success because of the beautiful isolated setting and the dynamic students.